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Our History

Bill Gregory's Kajukenpo and Pai Lum Kungfu

Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai 

Daniel Kane Pai (Born: Daniel Kalimahae Pa'i) was born in Kameula, Hawaii on April 4, 1930. His grandfather, Pai Po-Fong, taught him the Pai Family martial arts system (Pai-Lung Ch'uan-Fa). It is said that Pai Po-Fong had sent Daniel to the '1 White Lotus Monastery' (Pai-Lien Ssu / Byaku Ren Ji) on the north coast of Okinawa. Daniel trained in an art which we refer to as White Lotus Kempo (Pai Lien P'ai /Bok Leen Pai) for five years under a senior monk named Okamura. After the end of World War II, Daniel studied Judo/Ju-jutsu under H.S. Okazaki and Richard Takamoto. Daniel also studied Okinawan Kempo under Richard Takamoto, under whom he attained an 8th Dan in 1970.

Other people Daniel Pai Had trained with, or was influenced by were Lum Tai-Yung (Fut-Gar), Shigeru Nakamura (Okinawan Kempo), Gogen Yamaguchi (Goju-Ryu), and Morhei Ueshiba (Aikido). From the late 60's until his death in 1993 Daniel K. Pai was a driving force in the spreading of Chinese and Okinawan martial arts in North America. Originally teaching Okinawan Kempo & Goju-Ryu in the 50's and 60's and then spreading his Kung-Fu method in the 70's, 80's and 90's.

Some time around 1972, due to the passing of one of his relatives (His Uncle; either a blood relative or Kung-Fu relative), Dr. Pai inherited the rank and title of Grandmaster in his family's Kung-Fu Method (Pai-Lung Ch'uan-Fa). In the early 1970's, Dr. Pai formed the 'Pai-Lum Association.' During these early days, he also served as chief instructor for both the 'USKA (Chinese Kempo Division)' and the 'Canadian Fire Dragon Association' while also serving on the board of directors for the 'East Coast Karate Federation.' This era peaked out with over 2400 students in fifty plus 'Pai-Lum' and 'Fire Dragon' schools operating in North America.

In the mid 70's the 'U.S. White Dragon Martial Arts Society' was formed. and produced a team that on July 4, 1976 was awarded a 'Certificate of Merit' for superb achievement during the Kuo-Shu demonstrations (held in Taipei, Republic of China), by Tsai Hung-Wen, president of the Kuo-Shu Federation. Dr. Pai's team participated in the 2nd World Kuo-Shu Tournament in 1978 (Taipei, ROC.), leading to Dr. Pai's being appointed 'Delegate at Large' for the 'Chinese Kuo-Shu Worldwide Promotion Association' (CKWPA).

The 3rd World Kuo-Shu Tournament was organized by Daniel K. Pai and was held in 1980 (Hawaii, USA). In 1983, Dr. Pai's U.S. team, participated in the 4th World Kuo-Shu Tournament (Taipei, ROC.). On November 10 of that year he was elected as Vice president of the 2nd executive board of the CKWPA. In 1984 Dr. Pai organized, and served as President, of the CKWPA-USA Branch.

The 'Amateur Athletic Union' (AAU) appointed Dr. Pai as delegate at large to the National AAU Kung Fu committee and the 'International Kung Fu Association' (IKFA), representing the Florida State Region in April 1984.

The Summer of 1989 saw Dr. Pai organizing and hosting the 6th World Kuo-Shu Tournament (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.). This was the last Major Kuo-Shu event personally oversaw by Dr. Pai, as his tenure as President of the 'International Chinese Kuo-Shu Federation - U.S.A' (formerly CKWPA-USA) came to an end in late 1990.

The Gentle Giant of Martial Arts: Grandmaster Bill Gregory

Bill Gregory, Pai Meng Hu, White Mighty Tiger, an adopted grandson of the late Dr. Daniel K. Pai, was a martial artist from the depths of his soul.  As one of the first in this country to train and teach martial arts in formal and traditional ways, Bill Gregory was a pioneer in the martial arts.  A well-loved, much honored and deeply respected man, he was inducted into the American Karate Association's Hall of Fame as the "Gentle Giant of Martial Arts".

Born to an Italian immigrant soldier father and a loving, artistic mother, Bill carried a deep warrior's hunger for beauty, grace and personal excellence.  He appreciated the beauty of nature and cultivated a Japanese garden in the backyard of his home that would rival one of royalty.  As a young man, his interest grew and fueled his pursuit of the martial arts and ancient weapons.  This allure flourished into a lifetime commitment and dedication to training, teaching, mentoring and a quest for excellence in the martial arts.

In his early years, Bill Gregory studied many styles of martial arts, attaining levels of excellence in Japanese Kenpo, Chinese Kenpo Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido and Pai Lum Kung Fu.  He received his training and the foundation of his life long commitment from many of the great instructors including Kili Kujiama, the late Professor Nick Cerio, Master Mas Oyama, Bernard DeCasare, Master Tadashi Yamashita and the late Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai.

Bill Gregory's grace, humility and power, caught the eye of Dr. Daniel Kane Pai (Pai Lum, White Dragon system) in the late 1960's and a new aspect of his training began.  Over the next 25 years, Bill Gregory invited Dr. Pai to his Kajukenpo School of Karate in Rhode Island, and they hosted numerous clinics and workshops.  In 1990, Dr. Pai promoted Bill Gregory to the rank of 7th level Dragon; an honored position held only by a handful of men.  Their professional association, as well as a deep respect and friendship held Dr. Pai and Bill Gregory together until Dr. Pai's death in 1993.

Bill Gregory founded the Kajukenpo Pai Lum Federation (KPLF) for the sole purpose of educating men, women and children in the ancient traditions of the martial arts. Grandmaster Bill Gregory dedicated his life to preserving the traditional training and teachings of Kajukenpo Pai Lum.  Throughout his life, he held positions in his local community and within the martial arts community, to insure the ancient ways were preserved.  Some of these positions included the Rhode Island Coordinator for the Better Business Bureau of Martial Arts, the East Coast Director for the American Karate Association and the Deputy Secretary General U.S. Chinese Kuo Shou Federation.

Grandmaster Gregory believed in the spirit of the Dragon.  A spirit that encourages us to help others in whatever way we can.  The best way he knew how was through the Kajukenpo Pai Lum Federation.  Over the years, he directed and hosted a variety of martial arts tournaments raising money for charities such as Muscular Dystrophy and the Big Brothers and Sisters.  For the last 13 years, he was the Grand Marshal at the White Dragon Fitness Center's "Kick for Cancer" tournament in New Hampshire, raising thousands of dollars for local hospice programs.

In 1995 at a ceremony in Naples, Florida, after a traditional year of mourning for Dr. Pai, Bill Gregory was awarded the highest honor any martial artist can receive; the title of Grandmaster.  He was a humble man at heart and it was with a full sense of honor and duty that he accepted the position of Grandmaster of the Kajukenpo part of the Pai Lum family.  Grandmaster Thomas St. Charles, Pai Shinzan, first adopted son of Lung Pai (Dr. Pai), granted the title.

With friendship, honor, respect and compassion, he expected no less than excellence from his students, which included schools from Florida to New England and stretching up into Canada.  His loss leaves a vast emptiness and deep ache in the hearts of those who knew him, yet he also instilled the Dragon's fire, honor, respect, responsibility and duty to ensure that his most loved art continues.

As the leader of the Kajukenpo Pail Lum Family, Grandmaster Gregory's endless desire was that his family remained strong and continually growing in the traditions of the ancient martial arts.  In his plan for the future and by his final letter, Grandmaster Gregory named a seniorDisciple, Georganne R. Verigan, Zhong Hu (Loyal Tiger), 7th level Black Sash, as the new leader of the Kajukenpo Pail Lum Federation. 

Grandmaster Gregory modeled his own philosophy.  Pai Lum is a way of life which encourages everyone to realize their full potential and to be better people by training body, soul and spirit.  He dedicated his life to sharing the tools, skills and values necessary to cultivate such growth and in the end; his final words were those of sharing this love.  He was indeed, an amazing man and one of the few that deserved to be called DRAGON.

Grandmaster Georganne Verigan

Grandmaster Verigan started training in the Martial Arts in the early 1970s. She achieved the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt in (Nidan) in Kajukenpo (Chinese Kenpo) in 1980. Trained in Tai Kwon Do, Shotokan, Wah Lum Kung Fu, Ju-Jitsu, Ba Qua, Aikido and Pai Lum (White Dragon Kung Fu) 5th Level Black Sash in 1997, 7th Level Black Sash in October 2001 and upon the death of her teacher Grandmaster Bill Gregory, she was named successor and Grandmaster of the Kajukenpo Pai Lum Federation in November 2001.

In early 1980s she began training with Grandmaster William Gregory (Pai Meng Hu), a senior disciple of Professor Daniel K. Pai. (Pai Tien Lung) and had the honor of training with Dr. Pai in Pai Lum Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Swordplay.

Grandmaster Verigan opened a Martial Arts School in Acton, MA in 1978 teaching Kajukenpo.  In 1986, she moved to New Hampshire and began teaching Kung Fu and started the White Dragon Fitness Center. The White Dragon Fitness Center participates in many community functions such as parades, demonstrations, benefit tournaments and community projects.

In 1990 Grandmaster Verigan started the annual KICK FOR CANCER Martial Arts Tournament. The purpose is to teach students how to give back to their community and to help them to realize that at sometime in our lives we all will know someone who will need the services provided by hospice. Each year proceeds of this tournament go to support the local HOSPICE programs. 2004 will be the 15th year for the KICK FOR CANCER Tournament.

Grandmaster Verigan developed and presented many different community seminars and programs; Tai Chi for Senior (a volunteer instructor) and Tai Chi in Senior Communities in the Concord, NH area; WomenÕs self Defense Training (both personal and for Home Health Care Workers); Self-Defense Training Seminars for Law Enforcement personnel and Personal Awareness and Self-Defense for the Human Co-OP Services, Worcester, MA.

Grandmaster Verigan is a Community Instructor of Tai Chi in various Health care and Wellness Centers. This instruction ranges from the fit and able to the elderly and debilitated. She also speaks at a variety of community, youth and professional groups.

Family Lineage

Grandmaster Bill Gregory

Grandmaster Georganne

All members listed below have received a ranking by Dr. Daniel Pai, Grandmaster Bill Gregory or Grandmaster Georganne Verigan in Pai Lum, Kajukenpo or Kajukenpo Pai Lum.

Arcuri, Joseph
Babbitt, Charles
Baiocchetti, Vinnie
Barrett, Walter
Bartlett, Eric
Bernard, Thomas
Bodah, Mike
Bonina, Mark
Calliconne, Ken
Catenzarro, Phil
Commella, Richard
Cretella, Gino
D'Antuono, Anthony
Deane, Daniel
Di Panni, Tony
Dolan, Mike
Dubiel, Nick
Dudek, Jeremey
Duhammell, Ken
Eaton, Eric
Ebner, Jeff
Estling, Robert
Faucher, Kyle
Fenton, Matt
Fraheley, Robert
Geisert, Sharyl
Gibbons, Jackie
Hamel, Joyce
Henderson, Shane
Lacroix, Roger
Lamas, Marianne
Landino, Tanya
MacLellan, Larry
Marsalla, Ken
Mattioli, Rick
Mc Dermott, Mike
Morrell, Mike
Moulton, James
Pickowicz, Christina
Pickowicz, George
Pickowicz, Katherine
Pineiro, Pedro
Plante, Suzanne
Ponti, James
Rafeal, Jamie
Shear, Skip
Simonne, Derek
Sottis, Peter
Spagnuolo, Frank
Stearns, Jessica
Stockwell, Arlene
Strok, Ed
Sykie, David
Taylor, Lonnie
Thorson, Mark
Viola, Mike
Webber, Phylis
Wright, Newell
Yonaitis, Ryan


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