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White Tiger Karate

At White Tiger Karate, we're committed to offering you the highest quality instruction in town, bringing years of professional experience to classes for all ages and abilities. Whether you're training for recreation or competition, our classes in Franklin are second-to-none. Learn the basics and build your skills from the ground up while getting in great shape at the same time. Our Kung Fu and Karate blend offers students of all ages a wide range of skills and character traits. We can't wait for you to enjoy them all.

We're the only school in the area with instructors that are trained as Child Development Experts by the Experts! We utilize the renowned SKILLZ program and Ninjazone. We strive to provide the best value for the best training. White Tiger Karate is also a member of Martial Artists Against Bullying (MAAB) helping us maintain our status as lead advocates against bullying.

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White Tiger Karate has changed our world and not only boosted the confidence of our shy 11 year old, but improved his dependance and respect for others already! Sensei Sharyl and all of the coaches we have met are just truly amazing! Not to mention the amazing children who participate, WOW!!!! We travel far to this location and it's worth every mile!!! Sooo happy we have found WTK!!!!

Heather Zimont

Some of the happiest moments of my life have happened at this dojo. My first time breaking a board, my first time completing a thousand kicks for charity, and the first feelings of confidence that I have the power and the strength to defend myself. I would recommend Sensei Sharyl Geisert's instruction for any child who has trouble fitting in, has anxiety, or just wants a place where they feel like they can be themselves. It's not just for kids, either! Warriors of all ages are treated with respect and a wise hand. Sensei Sharyl knows how to meet individuals of all levels of fitness where they're at. You always leave feeling stronger than when you came.

In summation, I really have seen the difference White Tiger Karate has made in people's lives in the community, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Beth Crandall

As a student of Great Grandmaster Pai, the founder of Pai Lum Kung Fu, I can attest to the White Tiger Karate dedication to Pai Lum traditional quality training methods for development of young Dragons and Tigers. Some students are advance to train as teachers of this diverse martial arts system to pass on this knowledge. Shīfu Ray Carpenter.


I am very happy I decided to join White Tiger Karate. I was nervous at first considering I have no martial arts experience and am in my early forties. I have attended only four classes but already am feeling increased flexibility, stamina, strength, and self confidence. Sensei Sharyl and the WTK family have made me feel welcome and provide challenging yet fun classes which I recommend highly. I look forward to my future with White Tiger Karate!

Jennifer Farnsworth

Sensei Sharyl taught my daughter years ago. My daughter remembers Sensei fondly and enjoyed her time learning karate! Sensei now teaches my granddaughter and she absolutely enjoys her classes!! When Sensei plans field trips or extra nights at the dojo - she always lets me know so I can make sure my granddaughter has the opportunity to attend! This is an awesome experience for children and adults alike!! Karate teaches children so many skills! The children are having so much fun at the time - they don’t realize how much they are actually learning!!

Leah Cantelmo

White Tiger Karate is a great school! A few years back they partnered with our Pai Lum school in Boston, MA and it has been a great experience sharing and building relationships. Their teachers are very experienced and offer awesome programs for their community. White Tiger Karate students work hard, always willing to learn and practice humility. It's very hard to find that in the martial arts world these days. I look forward to the continued relationship! Keep up the great work White Tigers!

Malcolm Lucas, Sifu, Fitness Essentials "Northeast Dragons"

Malcolm Lucas

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