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White Tiger Karate LLC in Franklin is honestly the best I've seen for kids. Experts in Child Development, the focus is on the whole person. Body, mind and spirit. The kids get a work out but wow do they all seem so proud of themselves and their new found abilities. The owner/instructor, Sharyl Geisert, is unbelievably great working with the kids. She teaches structure and self control, listening and obedience that builds the kids up with a sense of pride and honor in themselves. I am so amazed everytime I go there. What an excellent program they have for kids. I can't say enough about this amazing place. It certainly builds kids self confidence and self esteem. The kids just beam. If your at all looking for a positive and meaningful outlet/program for your child, go visit. Go watch. Talk to Sharyl or another instructor. This is all about the whole person and being the best of oneself. It's so worth it. Check it out and its website. Recommend to others. Your kids deserve the best. It certainly can change lives for the better; in body, mind, and spirit.

Beverly Sprague-Social Worker

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

My girls started at White Tiger at the end of August after doing dance, gymnastics and softball and wanting to try something new. The ninja zone program has built their confidence tremendously over the last several months. We have seen growth in them both not only physically but also mentally. I can’t thank Sensei Sharyl enough for the time she puts into encouraging, motivating and pushing them both safely outside of their comfort zone at times knowing their capabilities. I cannot recommend White Tiger enough. If you are on the fence of trying martial arts or ninja zone give it a try. It is far more than just a physical sport, she works with every aspect of growth development for children and adults. Thank you Sharyl!

Danielle C

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Finding quality programming for my son is a challenge, but after meeting Sensei Sharyl and feeling her love and passion for Skillz and child development I know we are in good hands! Sensei has touched the lives of many people in this community and it is an honor to call myself a member of the White Tiger Karate family. Her program is so much more than just martial arts—it really focuses on showing kids how to be the best people they can be through a tailored program to meet their developmental needs.

Amy Atkins

Quality programming

I was so worried when I first set up the appointment for my first lesson, super anxious about taking the class. But I promise you, just jump head first into it and you won't regret it, it's changed me so much in just a couple weeks. A super awesome group of people.

Jesse Fragose

Changed my life

White Tiger Karate has changed our world and not only boosted the confidence of our shy 11 year old, but improved his dependance and respect for others already! Sensei Sharyl and all of the coaches we have met are just truly amazing! Not to mention the amazing children who participate, WOW!!!! We travel far to this location and it's worth every mile!!! Sooo happy we have found WTK!!!!

Heather Zimont

Some of the happiest moments of my life have happened at this dojo. My first time breaking a board, my first time completing a thousand kicks for charity, and the first feelings of confidence that I have the power and the strength to defend myself. I would recommend Sensei Sharyl Geisert's instruction for any child who has trouble fitting in, has anxiety, or just wants a place where they feel like they can be themselves. It's not just for kids, either! Warriors of all ages are treated with respect and a wise hand. Sensei Sharyl knows how to meet individuals of all levels of fitness where they're at. You always leave feeling stronger than when you came.

In summation, I really have seen the difference White Tiger Karate has made in people's lives in the community, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Beth Crandall

As a student of Great Grandmaster Pai, the founder of Pai Lum Kung Fu, I can attest to the White Tiger Karate dedication to Pai Lum traditional quality training methods for development of young Dragons and Tigers. Some students are advance to train as teachers of this diverse martial arts system to pass on this knowledge. Shīfu Ray Carpenter.


I am very happy I decided to join White Tiger Karate. I was nervous at first considering I have no martial arts experience and am in my early forties. I have attended only four classes but already am feeling increased flexibility, stamina, strength, and self confidence. Sensei Sharyl and the WTK family have made me feel welcome and provide challenging yet fun classes which I recommend highly. I look forward to my future with White Tiger Karate!

Jennifer Farnsworth

Sensei Sharyl taught my daughter years ago. My daughter remembers Sensei fondly and enjoyed her time learning karate! Sensei now teaches my granddaughter and she absolutely enjoys her classes!! When Sensei plans field trips or extra nights at the dojo - she always lets me know so I can make sure my granddaughter has the opportunity to attend! This is an awesome experience for children and adults alike!! Karate teaches children so many skills! The children are having so much fun at the time - they don’t realize how much they are actually learning!!

Leah Cantelmo

White Tiger Karate is a great school! A few years back they partnered with our Pai Lum school in Boston, MA and it has been a great experience sharing and building relationships. Their teachers are very experienced and offer awesome programs for their community. White Tiger Karate students work hard, always willing to learn and practice humility. It's very hard to find that in the martial arts world these days. I look forward to the continued relationship! Keep up the great work White Tigers!

Malcolm Lucas, Sifu, Fitness Essentials "Northeast Dragons"

Malcolm Lucas

This karate school is amazing with the BEST Sensei. My children have attended for years and they love it. The exercise, the discipline, the respect, and more are all wonderful skills they have learned and continue to refine. Sensei Sharyl is amazing - she has a gift with people, especially children and teens, and has a wonderful balance between pushing them to be better and having tons of fun along the way. My teen autistic son LOVES White Tiger Karate and is working hard to move up in rank. I can't say enough about WTK. If you're considering a karate school for your kids or teens (or adults!), this is the best.

Erika Bragdon

I started my daughter in this class and immediately noticed how much she enjoyed it. I took advantage of a free month for parents myself and haven’t looked back since. Sensei Sharyl is able to meet anyone where they are and help them grow! No regrets and lots to look forward to. 😀

David Killam

Sensei Sharyl’s uplifting and dauntlessly positive attitude will always be my favorite part of WTK. I’ve been with the WTK family for a long time off and on since around 2001. When I told Sensei I was worried about affording classes she was able to work out a plan with me that was possible. Without WTK’s unfailing support as a young teen I’m not sure I would’ve turned out as well as I have. So thank you once again to all of WTK, but especially Sharyl Geisert​​ for being there for me.

Cloey Jones

White Tiger Karate is just amazing. My son joined 4 years ago. When he first started he was shy and insecure, now he's confident and secure in different types of situations. WTK has brought a new dynamic of child development skills to Kyle's life which in return has opened many options for him. The dedication of WTK and the skill setting is so evident in Kyle's out look on life.
We bless all family members with in the WTK family.

Krystal Voight

Wonderful, knowledgeable and caring staff. Very patient with my son and great communication!

Erin Ingemundsen

Highly recommend this karate studio Sensei Sharyl is phenomenal. Her knowledge, skill, and patience with her students is great to watch. More importantly, the skills she teaches helps her students learn focus, strength of mind and body. But her ability to help her students build self confidence is amazing. Those kids with attention deficit challenges learn to stay more focused. So glad we discovered you Sensei!

Karen Gardner

I think that White Tiger Karate is amazing...Love how they have the different levels and how also Sensei Sharyl takes her time and does one on one with a kid who is new or also works with kids with all types of disability and help the kids with social skills or other skills, too. Thank you for everything you do.

Tia Adams

This is such a wonderful school for people of all ages and abilities. Sensei Sharyl is incredibly dedicated to each and every one of her students and their families. She uses her love of martial arts to instill and strengthen the respect, self-esteem, independence, and also team-work into each class. She makes sure that her students get the individual attention that they need, and will work around any schedule to make sure you can attend her school. Every class is so fun while also being a great workout for the mind and body. The kids get to make a lot of friends in their age group that go to different schools, and they are all so supportive and helpful with each other. They learn how to treat others with love and respect, and how to combat bullying. There are many programs offered for all age groups. I encourage everyone to come try a class at least once, you won't regret it!!

Megan Foley

Training here is always fun and intense. It's inspiring to see kids working hard and enjoying the time. Keeping up with the older students is not only healthy competition, but cooperation that I personally enjoy the most.

Juan Williams

White Tiger Karate is the place to come for a full experience for everybody! Commitment, discipline, fitness, and integrity are all pillars of a successful experience for my entire family. Leadership is instilled throughout a well rounded, team oriented program. I whole heatedly support White Tiger for anyone, of any age, looking for a new challenge!! 💪💪💪

Eustacia Chaisson

Such an amazing place my grandson niece two daughters and myself all go to White Tiger it is fun and gets you fit.

Matthew albert

Very welcoming, friendly atmosphere. The instructors are awesome!

Nikki Gilpatric

This is a really fun place to learn I love it!

Rae StJacques

White Tiger is a great place. I take my grand daughter there. They treat you like family not as a customer. Sensei Sharyl is the best, she goes above and beyond for her students. Thank you for all you do!

lisa benoit

Sensei is amazing she has helped my 4 year old so much with listening and patience. She is an absolutely amazing women and loves all her students White Tiger Karate is an absolutely amazing school. That has not only helped my son so much but also helped me as a kid when I was in it. You can't go wrong with this school they are great people!!!

Jessica Barney

WTK has been a great experience for our 6 year old to learn discipline and respect. And fun. Highly recommended.

Gerry Leblanc

Sensei Sheryl is always excellent with the children. They trust and respect her. This is no wonder as her kind and encouraging and inspiring words and gestures to the children truly make the children bloom. I highly recommend White Tiger to anyone.

Chris Salach

Discipline, fun & training all under one roof what more can a parent ask for. Great instruction that a child can carry a lifetime

Wilfred Guzmán Otero

After our family suffered a huge trauma we struggled to continue to make Franklin our home. Something kept us here...in September we met with Sensei...by January we became part of the WTK family. Best thing we've done!!

Constance L Wilson

I am really loving the adult karate class. It's challenging and fast paced. It is designed for us older individuals. You should really try it.

Kathy Sirois Lmt

WTK was a huge answer to prayer for our family! Our son was diagnosed a year ago with autism, just as we joined WTK. Sensei happened to be my children's gym teacher at school, which led us here.

Sensei Sharyl has a beautiful gift that she shares with not only her students, but their families as well. I watched my son learn discipline, respect, sportsmanship and experience support from peers in a way many young kids don't in a typical school setting. Being a child with extra issues, my son had experienced bullying already, but experienced encouragement and love here.

We have had to take a break for medical reasons, but we still feel connected and loved by Sensei and it means the world to us.

WTK is so much more than just a dojo for learning martial arts. It is a family where all are accepted for who they are, where they are and the support and love that I have seen among everyone is what a real community, family can be.

We can't wait to get back to classes! We love and miss you Sensei and everyone!

Christen Oliver

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