Adult Fitness & Kickboxing in Tilton

Adult Fitness & Kickboxing In Tilton Will Help You Build Strength & Endurance Like Never Before!

White Tiger offers an authentic, high-energy Kick Boxing program in Tilton that will motivate you to push yourself more than you ever thought possible.

Our SKILLZ Fit and kickboxing classes are the Ultimate KICK-YOUR-BUTT–workout that blends kicking, punching, cardio, weights, and more!

Get ready to take your fitness to a whole new level! Whether you are tired of the same old fitness routines or are looking for something to kick-start your healthy lifestyle, SKILLZ Fit is for you!

Modifications for all fitness levels! Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, each class in Tilton has several adjustments to the exercises and routines to give you the BEST workout possible!

Four planner formats that target multiple areas of fitness! Interval training is the FASTEST way to get into shape!

So challenging, yet so fun! Every class is strategically designed to push you to your limits but at the same time you’ll ENJOY every minute of it!

Find out more about each of the four Functional Interval Training classes below

F.I.T. in SKILLZ Fit:

Class 1: Fundamentals and Functional Fitness

In this class, you will work on bags, paddles, or a circuit-style format. You will continually develop the “Fundamentals” of kicks and punches, such as how to throw a kick and punch properly, as well as the “Functionality” of those moves, such as how far you need to be from an object and at what contact points you should hit. As you become more seasoned in “Fundamental and Functional” basics, you will proceed to increase your speed and power through the same training concepts. All of this training is also combined with a complete workout regiment.

Class 2: Cardio Endurance and Cardio Strength

In this class, you will work on choreographed routines without any equipment or contact on another object. This provides your joints a chance to recover from the last class. You will continually develop your “Cardio Endurance,” which is how long your body can train without getting tired, as well as “Cardio Strength,” which is how quickly your body can recover from each high-intensity workout routine. In other words, you will push through a high-intensity routine to build your “Cardio Endurance,” and then take little breaks with light routines to develop your “Cardio Strength,” and recover as you enter the next high-intensity routine.

Class 3: Strength and Stretching

In this class, you will work with weights throughout the class. You will continually build your muscle “Strength” with the weights, as well as utilizing specific positions that are also “Stretching” the muscles for ultimate body definition. As you progresses through the program, you will increase the amount of weight you use so that you are continually building more strength and better muscle definition.

Class 4: Performance and Core Strength

In this class, you will work on interval bag training for the entire class. You will continually build your “Performance” by applying all the skills practiced throughout the week in combos on the bag, as well as little intervals of exercises that develop your “Core Strength.

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