Master Sifu Woody, Martial Arts Instructor

Master Sifu Woody

Master Sifu Woody Destiny comes to White Tiger Karate with a vast range of martial arts knowledge and accolades. He is an expert in sparring and weapons with several students using the skills taught by Sifu Woody, ranking champions in martial arts tournaments and in the movies. Sifu Woody has years of experience teaching children with a smile and a kind heart. He is  the founder of several oganizations and has been the recipient of many awards. We are thrilled to have him on our team. Read on! 

World Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame

Masters of Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Hall of Honors Hall of Fame

Founder of H.A.M.A.A Haitian American Martial Arts Association

Black Dragon Productions-F.A.S.T Fighting Action Stunt Team -5 Elements Black Dragons Fist Method

7 Elements Black Lion Fists Method

C.O.T.S Children of the Sun  

H.A.I.L Haitian Archery Indigenous League

H.B.C Haitian Boxing Club

H.C.C Haitian Chess Club

Martial Arts (Experiences)- Universal Combat Club Sifu Ron Lee -Wu Kung Sifu John Shaw -Pai Lum Sifu Clarence Cooper , Goshi Shun /B.A.D Marvin Harris - Gathering of Styles Eric Caldeira - Ketsugo Sensei Rambo -Shishikan Kevin Priera -Urban Action Showcase- Tai Chi & Lion Dancing Sifu Helen Hui -Silver Tiger Lee Karl Martial Arts Master Lee Smith -Red Dragon Academy Coach Simba-Golden Lynx Claw Fist Gung Fu Sijo Stephen E. Key- GojiRyu Arthur Ng-Shotokan/Hapkido Master John DelRio-Tae Kwon Do Jean Theodat & Etisone Tata - 52 Hand Bloxk System Eric Cathcart- Boxing Former Heavyweight Champion Shannon Briggs

(Teaching Experiences)  Boston Center for Youth Services BCYF- Tobin School -Tobin Community Center- Roxbury Tenants of Harvard-Madison High School- Fenway High School-Up Academy Boston- Up Academy Lawrence-Nubian Square Library-Saint Leo Church- Saint Angela Church -Kingdom Church Brocton-Homeless Student Initiative-Swan Pond Community Center Cape Cod- Wu Kung Association Long Island New York 

Warlords of Mortal Kombat-(Dragon Awakes & Dragon Squad Movie Actors) Students Sifu Yolfred “Puma” Soriano, Sifu Juan Jynx Williams, Sifu Jwan Cater, Jasmine FireFox Bernier, Damyne Ox Jean Baptiste, Donald Tucker, Angela Jordan, Lugiase Skittles

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