Staying ahead of COVID19

WTK is committed to the health and safety of our members. We are also dedicated to helping our kids understand what is going on so that they can feel safe, even as they learn more about what is going on in the world around them.

While we have always cleaned and disinfected daily (at least) with hospital-grade cleaners we have increased our efforts to provide a safe, clean environment for our kids. To assist in our good health we remind parents to wash their hands and children's prior to class. We have plenty of soap and paper towels on hand in the bathrooms. Within the dojo, we have hand sanitizer, tissues, and alcohol wipes.

Here are some of the precautionary measures we are taking and will continue to implement additional measures as needed:

We have increased our disinfection application. In addition to the usual daily dojo prep, we are disinfecting the training floors after every class with a hospital grade solution.

All chairs are disinfected daily at a minimum.

All light switches, doorknobs, outlets, sinks, toilets, and other high traffic surfaces are being disinfected twice every day if not more.

All pads and equipment that are used during class are disinfected before being returned to service.

If your child is sick (regardless of the reason or cause), please refrain from bringing them to class. This includes coughing, fever, bellyaches, and any other conditions outside of the definition of “in good health.”

For those who are unable to attend class due to illness or other risk factors, we will be using technology to allow for at-home participation.

Our Skillz martial arts curriculum is already available for members in the MyStudio app. Our kung fu curriculum is currently being recorded.

For those concerned about the group setting, if the need arises we will implement free private lessons for kids during low-density times. The dojo will be disinfected after every session.

Every team member will wash their hands between every class.

Children will be allowed water breaks whenever necessary as having a dry throat has been identified as an additional risk factor.

While we recognize the seriousness of this virus, we also recognize that remaining healthy and physically fit is an important way to ensure a healthy immune system. Further, we believe that in frightening times, it is important for kids to maintain as much consistency as possible, within reason. Our goal is to employ practices that reduce risk while focusing on educating our students with empathy and compassion so they can balance their emotions with logic and information.

We encourage all of our members to be as educated as possible and to get your information from reputable sources. We should all endeavor to be as prepared as possible without becoming paranoid.


Sensei Sharyl Geisert, Master level

Child Development Expert

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