Ninjazone-WTK Obstacle courses for fun and fitness

Ninjazone-WTK Obstacle courses for fun and fitness

Obstacle courses for fun and fitness

It can be a challenge to tie fitness and fun together in a way that will hold a child’s attention. Distractors like television, tablets, video games, and social media combined with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle can result in shorter attention spans, making it even more challenging. Staying physically active with limited options and seasonal availability of sports can be a struggle. Solving this, however, can be as easy as heading to NinjaZone-WTK.

Think about the fun of jungle gyms and playground/park equipment – the appeal is the fluidity and variance of movement. The popularity of Ninja obstacle courses on television and in gyms around the country proves obstacle courses aren’t just for fun, they’re great for fitness for kids and adults too. Here’s why:


Obstacle courses give your Ninja a way to get out of the everyday routine and do something out of the ordinary. The fun of being challenged by obstacle courses doesn’t wear off after they make it through the first time either! Each time your Ninja takes on the obstacle courses they are challenging themselves to perfect their performance while overcoming each challenge the course has in store for them. Add in the competitive aspect of racing their peers and improving their personal times and the fun just keeps growing.


Obstacle courses can give Ninjas problem-solving skills that translate from the ninja gym into their everyday life. From moving faster the next time they go through the course, to being able to see a clearer way to get from point a to point b, problem-solving on obstacle courses can produce lasting effects because of the mental strategizing it takes to complete them. When they solve the puzzle of a new obstacle, your children are building new neural pathways to empower their critical thinking and problem solving on and off the course.


Creating a space where your children can socialize with others who share their interests and who open them up to new ideas can be challenging. While it is an individual sport, taking part in Ninja sports offer a great common ground to meet new friends. Whether it’s a guided class or a hosted birthday party, the obstacle courses open up new activities to build new relationships and meet new people.  Ninja gyms promote teamwork and the skills to build each other up by working together and cheering each other on. 


Obstacle courses build muscle in a way that a Ninja can’t get from the typical workout. From climbing a wall to jumping high on the trampolines, every muscle is used and engaged to overcome their challenging terrain. Obstacle courses can improve cardiovascular health by increasing blood flow and strengthening the heart which can lower risks for diabetes and heart disease. Also, since 90% of human bone growth happens before age twenty, it is essential to increase bone strength with the high impact exercises obstacle courses offer. Add in a boost to the immune system which can reduce the chance of some common illnesses as well as stress reduction stemming from intense exercise, and obstacle courses create numerous health benefits.

There are many options to keep you and your little Ninja fit, and obstacle courses are one of the best choices. Combining fun, fitness, socialization, and problem-solving gets you kid moving, thinking, and teaches teamwork. Obstacle courses give you all of this while still maintaining a fun atmosphere, something that is challenging with common fitness regimens. So whether it’s at your nearest ninja gym, at the park, or in your backyard – get moving! 

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