Welcome to 2024!

Welcome to 2024!

At White Tiger Karate we have made a few New Year Resolutions - all to benefit you! 

1. Communication: We will continue with our Monthly email updates. We have also created a yearly calendar (attached as a pdf in this email). We have planned out Ninjazone and Skillz testing dates, Parent's Night Out every 3rd Saturday of the month, Community Get Togethers, and our closures. While we will strive to maintain this schedule, please know that things happen and we will inform you of any changes as soon as possible. 
  • How will we communicate with you? Email, Social Media postings, class announcements, and the white board up front. Have a question? Text or call us: 603-998-1151 or  email us at wtkrocksnh@gmail.com. 
2. Simple and Consistent: We are working hard to streamline our backend processes to make being a member of White Tiger Karate as easy as possible for you. 

3. Commitment to High Quality Classes: All our instructors, regardless of program, are regularly training and honing in their skills to become more knowledgeable in child development, safety, and running the programs smoothly and consistently. Our SKILLZ trainings come from the experts and we love being able to bring it to you. 

I also wanted to take a moment and celebrate how far we came into 2023:

1. We grew our WTK team of 3 to a team of 9. Your continued dedication and support has allowed us to grow so we can continue to better serve you!

2.  We were able to add classes in all our programs - and look forward to telling about more for 2024! 

Speaking of classes - are you ready to see our new schedule?

So what is NEW? 
1. Extreme Addition - Advanced class (Yellow II and up) on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:15-7PM
2. Adult Fitness Addition - Thursdays 5:30-6:15 PM 
3. Upgrades: 
  • Sparring - Saturdays 10-11
  • Weapons - Saturdays 11 -12
  • Tumbling (starting Feb 6)
  • What's the cost? If you are already in NinjaZone or SKILLZ then your upgrade for 1 is $30, 2 upgrades is $45 and 3 upgrades is $75 (a month)
  • Team Tiger - this is our tournament team! Requirements: must be taking sparring and weapons class. Team Tiger is included within the sparring/weapons combo cost, but optional to participate in. 
4. Tumbling: For current members in Ninjazone or SKILLZ you can add it as an upgrade for $30. It is currently set up as a 3 month program from February 6th - April  30th on Tuesdays 5-5:45PM (5-9 yrs) and 5:50-6:35PM (10-15yrs). This is a great opportunity to isolate the tumbling aspects of Ninjazone and can benefit our SKILLZ students with their flexibility and movement within their forms. 

That's enough updates for one right now - be on the look out for the January monthly update for more specifics on what to expect this month. 

Thank you again and we look forward to making 2024 our best year yet! 

Sensei Sharyl and your White Tiger Karate Family 

Tilton's Premier Source for Martial Arts Training!

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