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  • "Look at my muscles"-child development 3-4 yrs

    “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr. Seuss “Mommy, look my muscles?!” I remember it like it was yesterday when my youngest son who was three years old at the time came running into the kitchen to show me his BIG arm muscles after doing some push-ups with his daddy… Or at least his version of push-ups which looked more like a version of the worm LOL! The joy on his face and the pride in his voice was such a heart-warmer in the midst of cleaning up the usual, never ending mess that ensues when living with littles. His puffed up chest and strong mighty fists to show me his bestest Hulk strong muscle ....

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  • Elite Sports and Born Tough-Review Coming

    Check out Elite Sports and Born Tough-Review Coming! We’re excited to be working with Elite Sports and Born Tough to try out their products! We will come up with a review post once the product testing is done and post here and on our weekly podcast. Keep an eye out for these updates. Check them out here: BJJ Bags Gray BJJ Bag Men’s BJJ Gi’s Kids’ BJJ Gi’s ....

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  • Parent SKILLZ-Connection

    Parent SKILLZ-Connection

    Hey Parents! I am excited to announce our new Parent SKILLZ Content! Each week we will share some content to help take your parenting skills to the next level! This content will be shared on Mondays at 9am in our parent group This month is Parent SKILLZ 1: CONNECTION Here’s what we are sharing: Week 1 – Motivational Quote This quote will inspire you to focus on this specific skill for the entire month. Week 2 – Video Tip This 60 second video will provide some great tips to help you practice the parent skill. Week 3 – Parent Worksheet This worksheet will provide you ....

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  • Is Your Child Ready for School?

    Is Your Child Ready for School?

    Is Your Child Ready for School? The past year and a half of school have been such a tumultuous ride. From school closures to virtual classes to partial reopening, it seems as if our children have experienced every out-of-the-norm scenario we could come up with. And although the goal was to keep them safe, children’s development took a significant hit. We’ve seen more significant emotional distress, poorer health choices, regression in cognitive momentum, and decreased social skills. So, as the new school year approaches, it is more important than ever to ensure that they are prepared for school in ways that cover all developmental areas. The idea of “school ....

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  • Movement: Reducing the Effects of Sitting

    Movement: Reducing the Effects of Sitting

    Movement: Reducing the Effects of Sitting There’s no denying that advancements in technology have made our lives easier. We can work from home, shop online, and watch newly released movies, among many other things, all without leaving the couch. And while this saves us travel time and hassle, it can lead to unexpected health consequences. The reason is that we are sitting for prolonged periods, which can deteriorate our bodies. Even worse is our children are also sitting a great deal, so they are now faced with the same issues that adults have been. Therefore, children need to keep their bodies moving throughout the day. The human body is like a machine. If we sit too long or too ....

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  • Parenting the Shy Child

    Parenting the Shy Child

    Parenting the Shy Child In a world that highly values the traits of extroverted individuals, shy children are often assumed to have something wrong that needs to be fixed. However, shyness is simply a personality trait that is part of their temperament. Children are born with unique personalities, although the environment can play a significant role in how these traits present as the child develops. What is apparent is that shyness falls on a continuum, where children have varying levels of this trait. The important thing is to remember that different character attributes should be embraced to appreciate the unique way a shy child interacts with the world around them. Children are wired ....

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  • Regaining Health - Role Modeling Healthy Habits

    Regaining Health - Role Modeling Healthy Habits

    Regaining Health - Role Modeling Healthy Habits The "Quarantine 15" has been yet another horrible reality of the pandemic. Not only were we separated, friend loved ones and friends, but unstructured days, decreased motivation, and increased boredom led to unhealthy habits for families. The result, for many, has been weight gain and reduced fitness levels, which has set the stage for disease and long-term health problems. For children, these habits can carry into adulthood. Therefore, a healthier lifestyle should be implemented now, with parents serving as role models. However, to do this, parents must take a delicate approach to not contribute to their child having an unhealthy ....

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  • Say Yes to Childhood

    Say Yes to Childhood

    Say Yes to Childhood Parenting can be tricky. We want our children to be resilient, empathetic, and able to self-regulate. However, with the busyness of life, the experiences that build these characteristics fall by the wayside, and “no” becomes an automatic response. Children are continually being told what to do and what not to do. As a result, the reaction of parents for many child requests is rarely yes. And, unfortunately, this is typical because they are exhausted, don’t want to be disturbed, or simply because it has become a habit. However, parents should be saying is yes…yes to childhood, and yes to a joyful family. As we would all agree, children need ....

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  • Strength-Based Thinking  Reframing Children’s Challenging Behaviors

    Strength-Based Thinking Reframing Children’s Challenging Behaviors

    Strength-Based Thinking Reframing Children’s Challenging Behaviors Children’s challenging behaviors have long been the focus of adults’ pessimistic viewpoint of characteristics that don’t fit the mold of societal expectations. This rigid “deficit thinking” causes parents to complain about their child’s qualities and make them try to “fix” what is wrong or make excuses as to why they can’t do certain things. However, these assumptions don’t help children but hinder them and cause low self-esteem and self-efficacy. As they say, “We are what we think we are.” Instead, adults should reframe how they view a ....

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  • Sensory Processing-How Does Your Child Respond?

    Sensory Processing-How Does Your Child Respond?

    Sensory Processing How Does Your Child Respond? As we navigate the world, we all use our senses to receive input from our surroundings, let our brains process, and then tell us how to react. Generally, we respond with minimal disruption to our routine. However, processing sensory stimuli can be a challenge for some people, either because there is too much or not enough. This can be difficult for children since many experiences are still new, and they haven’t yet developed coping skills and emotional regulation to respond appropriately. Educating ourselves on the variations of how Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) can present in our children will help us assist them in learning ....

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