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Beverly Sprague

Beverly Sprague is our inhouse social worker. Her expertice spans decades and all ages/back grounds of clients. Her passion for assisting children in positive choices and living shows in her accomplishments which include developing a student assistance program at W.R.M.S., serving on the bar association board for "Violence in Schools", forming and facilitating support groups for teens at risk and their famlies. "Bev" was awarded, Social Worker of the month at  M.C.N.H., Social Worker of the year for Merrimack County and the Social Worker Team was awarded the "S.W. Team" award. She is a mother and grandmother lending her personal hands on experience in that department! Bev is an artist utilizing those skills to futher reach children, teens, and adults in a therapeutic setting. One of her favorite art processess is "Zen Tangle Inspired Art". She is able to use this art form in a meditative style which promotes relaxation, release of anxiety and fears. It instills the growth of higher self esteem and self-confidence.

We are thrilled to have Bev on our team for child development as well as assisting the whole family at White Tiger Karate. You can catch her postings on child development on our Parenting SKILLZ-WTK Facebook page ( where you will find all kinds of golden nuggets! Bev will be holding weekly and monthly sessions free to our community that include art, family support, ways of coping, and a host of healing. Be sure to join our Facebook page ( to read all about it! 

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