Clarence Cooper, JR- Grandmaster, Martial Arts Instructor

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Clarence Cooper, JR- Grandmaster

Clarence Cooper Jr.

Clarence Cooper Jr. (Grandmaster) – Clarence Cooper, a top student of Daniel K. Pai, has been a practitioner of Chinese Martial Arts for nearly 50 years. Dr Pai and Grandmaster Cooper along with other top students traveled the United States, the Caribbean and abroad where they competed and earned many awards as well as holding performances show casing their expertise in Chinese martial arts and sparring.

Dr. Pai had a passion for reconstructive therapy which he passed down to GM Cooper. As a result of the many years of battles and training, GM Cooper embraced the knowledge to find cures and to reconstruct injuries through martial arts and medicines. He now shares those gems with his students.

GM Cooper is greatly admired by his students as he is kind, giving, and an excellent teacher! His positive influence has changed the lives of many. GM Cooper travels frequently to different states to teach and inspire the next generations of practitioners.

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