Jeanne Lenuta, Martial Arts Instructor

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Jeanne Lenuta

Hi, I'm Coach Jeanne and I'm your Ninjazone instructor! I'm excited to be teaching your children the skills associated with this stellar sport. Let me introduce myself with 10 things about me.
- I started doing gymnastics when I was 6 years old
- I danced for 12 years
- I love sports
- I’ve lived in NH since I was 3
- I have a 7 month old rescue puppy from MI
- My favorite type of music is pop
- I was the shortest one in my grade in school
- I love animals and children
- I am currently taking a business management class

- I like to snowboard, sled, and hike in the winter (when it’s not too cold)

I look forward to learning about you at White Tiger Karate in our Ninjazone program!

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